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We Integrate end-to-end robust operation processes to drive profitable growth in the technology space effortlessly.

Product Engineering

Leverage the next-gen technology to build secure and scalable software products with our Product Engineering services and get a competitive edge in the market.


Bring Blockchain technology's secure, decentralized, and distributed power to develop your platforms and applications to transform your business with secure and safe transactions.

Internet Of Things

Make your business smarter and more efficient by bridging it to the vast fabric of the world that is the Internet of Things.

Big Data & Analytics

Generate deep, actionable insights with Big Data and Analytics to grow your business with intelligent data-driven solutions and unlock the true power of data to achieve scalability.

Cloud Infra & Security

Our Cloud Infrastructure Security Service provides hybrid, open, and managed cloud services across multiple security-rich cloud environments.

Experience Design

Tap the power of great designs to create digital products and platforms that helps to build seamless experiences, engagement, and loyalty with your customers to outperform the competition.

What We Offer

Humancloud is your extended arm in building your dream team. Hiring is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort going through the never-ending pool of resources. We understand that. We are here to make it effortless for you. Build your dream team from resources vetted by our team experts.

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Highly experienced members
of our team personally interview each resource and vet for their skills.

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We have a team of experienced senior developers & technical architects who help in building your dream team based on your requirements.

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Our goal is to provide an incredible work culture where every employee loves to contribute to the growth of
the company. 

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We continue to extend our support after the resource is onboarded to create long-lasting trust between us and the clients.

Why Choose Us

With quality and trust as our brand pillars, we seek to attract the best resources in the industry. As our customer, you will need to tell us what are your requirements and leave the rest to us.

We provide an end-to-end hassle-free recruitment solution with a quick turnaround time. Our business model and methods will save not your time and efforts but a lot of money too!

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What Our Clients Say

Trusted by Unicorns, YC-funded, Fortune 500 Companies, and many more customers across the globe

Amit Motgi

Amit Motgi

Director Engg, Cred

“Effective communication, rigorous brainstorming and always listening to our thoughts is what made our partnership fruitful. We wish the Humancloud Team all
the best!"
Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Founder & CEO, Diesel Consulting

“We have a long partnership with Humancloud Technologies and they have always been up to date with the latest technologies. We have had some amazing products built by them."
Max Rokhline

Max Rokhline

Product Head, Cred

“Timely delivery, out of the box ideas and never say never attitude of Humancloud team has made a 30% increase in customer satisfaction for our clients.