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More than Technology, we are Humancloud

Humancloud is a new-age tech startup helping industries build the best scalable software products by providing cutting-edge technologies and end-to-end software development solutions. We understand that businesses don’t run on technology alone, that’s why we believe in a human-centered approach which allows us to develop fitting solutions for your challenges.

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Our Mission

Empower the organizations to build sustainable products by building a 1M+ strong workforce.

Our Vision

Disrupt and democratize traditional IT service and consulting businesses to empower young and growing companies to thrive.

Brand Values









Meet The Team

Utkarsh Wagh.png
Utkarsh Wagh
  • LinkedIn


Vitesh Jaiswal.png
Vitesh Jaiswal
  • LinkedIn


Nitin Patil.webp
Nitin Patil
  • LinkedIn

Director - Operations

Nakul Gawande.webp
Nakul Gawande
  • LinkedIn

VP - Strategic Growth

& Partnerships

Vedang Behere.webp
Vedang Behere
  • LinkedIn

Senior Software Engineer

Divya Phate.webp
Divya Phate
  • LinkedIn

AVP - Business Development

Priyanka Kinkar.webp
Priyanka Kinkar
  • LinkedIn

AVP - Business Development

Nitin Srivastava.webp
Nitin Srivastava
  • LinkedIn

Lead Developer

Shalini Gandham.webp
Shalini Gandham
  • LinkedIn

VP - Product & Growth

Priyanka Surdi
  • LinkedIn

Technical Director

Vikram Chandel.webp
Vikram Chandel
  • LinkedIn

Technical Director

Tanuja Chougale.webp
Tanuja Chougale
  • LinkedIn

Technical Director

Priyanka Tiwari.webp
Priyanka Tiwari
  • LinkedIn

HR Manager and

Business Partner

Harshita Lambhate.webp
Harshita Lambhate
  • LinkedIn

Partner Relationship Manager

Abhijeet Chopade.webp
Abhijeet Chopade
  • LinkedIn

Partner Acquisition Lead

What Our Clients Say

Trusted by Unicorns, YC-funded, Fortune 500 Companies, and many more customers across the globe

Amit Motgi

Amit Motgi

Director Engg, Cred

“Effective communication, rigorous brainstorming and always listening to our thoughts is what made our partnership fruitful. We wish the Humancloud Team all the best!"
Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Founder & CEO, Diesel Consulting

“We have a long partnership with Humancloud Technologies and they have always been up to date with the latest technologies. We have had some amazing products built by them."
Max Rokhline

Max Rokhline

Product Head, Cred

“Timely delivery, out of the box ideas and never say never attitude of Humancloud team has made a 30% increase in customer satisfaction for our clients. Cheers!"

Our Culture

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