Our Services

Our digital partnership has been helping break barriers for leading brands across the globe.


We help you build new-age products through tailored blockchain-powered solutions. Join us in bringing the future closer.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

You can now raise funds, create new coins or apps with our best-in-class ICO services.

Hyperledger Development

Make the best of this trending open-source platform and put your business on the maps.

Custom Crypto Development

We are industry experts in Cryptocurrency Development & Consultation.

Custom Cryptocurrency Wallet

Humancloud Technologies can help you create your own Cryptocurrency Wallet as per your needs and specifications.

Custom Cryptocurrency Wallet

When dealing with Blockchain, businesses need to focus on how it can help them and their structure. That’s why we provided tailor-made Blockchain development services.

Private Blockchain

Enhance your network security by minimizing access controls and restricting third-party interference with our expert service.

Blockchain Testing

From testing block size and load to clock addition and cryptography, our team of Blockchain experts know how to keep your business running smoothly.

dApps Development

We provide a command-line interface kit that helps to manage Blockchain lifecycle and maintain databases.

Product Development

From lean product development to product strategy and deployment, we are here to help your business adapt and evolve.

Pre-Market Testing

We believe in adding value to your product while optimizing delivery times, and that’s where expertise in our lean product development comes in.

Technical Ownership

Our engineering team takes on all-round responsibility (from ideation to deployment), which means you can focus thoroughly on your product strategy.


Using contemporary technologies like Containers, Serverless, and Microservers, our team of DevOps tools and processes architects build cloud-native and DevOps processes for a robust infrastructure using continuous integration and delivery.

Experience Design

For a positive interaction with your products, we employ a suite of tools to help you provide a rich user experience.

Experience Design & Stretegy

We are thorough in our homework. We conduct competitor reviews, stakeholder interviews, user research and product audits to provide solutions for B2B and B2C products.

Customer Journey

Right from understanding what drives customer engagement, to identifying gaps, we employ a simple process of prototyping, testing, evaluating and refining the design until we reach a point of satisfaction.

Product Design

We know what it takes for users to be completely content with a product. Our team of highly experienced UI/UX designers understand the importance of a good user experience and a complimenting user interface for a product to be a success.

Brand & Content Strategy

We are a team of well-equipped strategists who understand the power of Search Engine Optimization. We stick to a human-first strategy when it comes to delivering a world-class user experience.

Digital Commerce Strategy

It is a vast e-commerce market out there, and every company wants to stand out. With the right third-party tools, relevant AI support, and a highly interactive product visualization, we help you achieve the desired results.

Mobility Design & Services

We specialize in creating client-focused solutions by factoring in responsiveness and speed, physical interaction, ease of usage and consistency.

Big Data & Analytics

From Data Analytics and Data Modelling to Data Mining, we have expertise in managing complex structures and enormous datasets.

Big Data Consulting

Our customized Big Data Consulting services include Big Data Strategy definition, data assessment, business use case identification, proof of concept, and architecture recommendations.We also support your business in defining a Big Data Strategy and choosing the right approach technology tools.

Big Data Development

We understand the importance of identifying sources of Big Data that are relevant to the policies and planning of your development program.Our host of services includes custom Application Development, Application Integration, Data Migration Services, and Integration with existing Data Warehouses.We will address all critical components including Data Provisioning, Data Management, and Data Consumption.

Big Data Infrastructure Setup

Our team of specialists is here to simplify the integration of the large projects, which means selecting the appropriate infrastructure model and ensuring a smooth deployment.

Data Analytics & Insights

Companies that make informed decisions make the most of any situation. And that’s why businesses that avail Big Data services need thorough data analytics and insights. We have a command over various data visualization tools like Tableau, Azure ML, IBM Cognos, and QlikView, which provides all-round support to your business.We are adept in Data Modelling, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis, Data Visualisation Solutions, Data mining, and Inferential Strategic Analysis.

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

We are here to help you lower IT costs through Cloud computing by taking on the complexities that come with cloud infra.

Cloud Consulting Services

Reduce costs of operations drastically with the help of our expertise in cloud value assessment, cloud strategy, enterprise adaptation services and more.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Rely on us for GCP, AWS, Azure, and other cloud frameworks. From data-driven test systems, and data encryption to multi-factor authentication and traceability, we give you nothing but the best.

Cloud Transformation Services

Scale up and take on new challenges with security, optimization and compliance throughout your cloud journey, and reduces costs with our managed services.

Cloud Migration Services

Move your business to the cloud seamlessly. We help you in reducing migration risk, and optimizing your cloud-native capabilities, for private, public and hybrid-clouds.

Manages AWS/GCP Cloud

Trust us to effectively manage your AWS, GCP or Azure cloud infrastructures. We operate on your behalf by regularly monitoring common activities. We also provide patch management, backup services, complete lifecycle support, and more for an efficient cloud.

Cost Optimisation & Billing Services

With a wide range of pricing options available, choosing the most optimum service fit for your business is the key. We use cloud optimization tools, heatmaps and identify idle resources, reducing your cloud bill drastically.

Cloud Automation & Setup

Reduce manual efforts of managing cloud computing workloads. Say goodbye to the inefficient ways of sizing and configuring resources manually, and say hello to orchestration and automation.

Cloud Application & Security

We engineer and orchestrate event detection, monitoring, reports and response, fully managing your privacy requirements and data security in the cloud. We have the right tools to implement roadmaps, help with automation, and integrate with AI.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Make your business smarter and more efficient by bridging it to the vast fabric of the world that is the Internet of Things.

IoT Consulting & Services

We employ agile methods to strategize the way your business should leverage the best in the latest technology. From strategy to design and implementation, we are here to help you tackle the changing digital offerings.

IoT Solution Development & Testing

We help you build a structured approach to enhance the development process, from how to approach IoT to applications and testing.

Intelligent Platforms Integration

We empower your business through digital transformation and connect your application data landscape.

Connected Devices

With technology now available in the palm of your hands, adapting your products to the new and growing environments is now possible with our in-depth knowledge in networks and smart devices.